Joining my cousins for a bath

Joining my cousins for a bath
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Friday, March 22, 2013



Allessandra Stanley’s NY Times review of the Dick Cheney documentary

has it that that truly miserable man “snookered” Dick Armery the then, 1993, leader of the House Republicans, into supporting the “war resolution” by telling him that old Bad Ass Saddam  Hussein, the U.S. Government’s once favored s.o.b., had the capacity to put a nuclear bomb into a suitcase – and if Cheney actually did this, but also if not - for cause at any of the many events - elicits in me the idea to pack this stupid monster into an old suitcase and dump him in the Sea of Araby for the there sharks, whom the body of Ossama Bin Laden has helped develop a taste for flesh of evil, who ought of course have been put on trial as ought Cheney and his “mission accomplished” accomplice, who certainly accomplished the ruination not just of Iraq but of the U.S. economy. – These men are as evilly stupid as Hitler and Co. who invaded Poland under false pretenses in 1939, whereupon the head of German counter-intelligence, which had provided the Polish uniforms into which Hitler & Co stuffed some disposable German criminals prior to murdering them as alleged Polish soldiers, Admiral Canaris is said to “have blanched” and said “this is the end.” Is there or was there anyone as foresighted in the so-called U.S. intelligence services?
Whom do we have to blame for having had Bush II as president? Anthony Scalia - who signalled how he would vote even prior to the Florida case ending up in the Supreme Court. Let us not forget our forever Anthony among the cavalcade of shame.

Rumsfeld’s first thought upon 9/11 is reported to have been that “Iraq has the better targets.” Were similar brilliant propositions coursing through  George W. Bush’s noggin as he was reading, to some kids, for five minutes, that children books about goats during the 9/11 attack? Bombs away, Rumsfeld! Bombs away Wolfowitz! Has there ever been as cowardly a terror campaign as Uncle Sam’s “shock and awe?” of a country that had just lost a war, that was quarantined? Has there ever been a greater worldwide terrorist than Uncle Sam and his 1000 + and expanding bases, the marines in the middle of Australia?

There is a New York Times editorial at the anniversary
decrying – rather belatedly, no? - the Iraq war and warning of a repeat of this world historical crime by attacking Iran;
and here  a link to all their editorials and opinions including all those CIA/BROOKINGS Michael O’Hanlon updates that Auntie featured for years on end!

a better record of this infamy + links can be found at Tom Dispatch

and a day or so ago  Auntie reports that those politicians, of both parties, who are still in power in D.C., were largely silent, no comment on the anniversary.

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