Joining my cousins for a bath

Joining my cousins for a bath
happy or sad, at least the bath seems pleasant




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Thursday, January 19, 2017



As African-American intellectuals say:
“A great house-nigger!” I say, Jamie Dimon’s best of the kind. “Yes we can” “stay the same,” - the same old same same - we keep the criminal national security & economic team & of course don’t prosecute, god forbid the  thought, only prosecute truth-leakers, we exercise discretion, we are the smoothest killer from Chicago ever & the idea of putting Old Ossama bin on trial gives us hives, Terror Tuesday tries to avoid wedding parties full of Jihadists as foul meat is with maggots, let’s think of Jihadists a maggots, yes. The only war we pursue is the one the New York Times also wants me to: black sheep in Afghanistan; the biggest mistake we admit is Libya, letting HRC talk us into liberating Libya. Welcome Isis! We made a sensible treaty with the Mullahs in Iran, we instituted half of a health plan for an ungrateful people, we are well spoken, we have a pretty wife and two pretty daughters, and a good enough tan to protect against some of the consequences of the destabilization of the environment, and there, too, we did the best we could, under the usual ideal circumstances. What astonishes me most is that a sensible agenda should have engendered.... such unanimous Pooplikan opposition. What - in many ways - such a dreadful country this is! 


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