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Joining my cousins for a bath
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Find a good socialist candidate!


Bush-Obama, a.k.a "promise breaker", promised: "Yes, we can" ..." stay the same" pretty much is what it turned out to be.
1) Obama kept Bush's national security and economic adviser teams. He did add the Stiglitz wing of economists, but failed to heed its advice, sided instead with Geithner wing of banksters. With Stiglitz he had the opportunity to nationalize the bankrupt banks and other financial entities, and for us, the people, for the country to take control of its finances - finances are not like the weather - and not have those fates left in the hands of Vegas gamblers,  every year or two a calamity - finances need not be an unending series of tormento tropicals!

2) Obama had his "surge", in Afghanistan. He has become the executioner in chief, the great "droner," who  plays cyber war and concentrates most of the U.S. Navy  in the Persian Gulf. The Nobel Peace Prize was the give-a-way: major war criminals are its chief recipients: Hennery the K of Wurstburg on the Hudson,  Sanctimonious Jimmy who destabilized Afghanistan [at "Ziggy" of Brzezinski's kindly insistence]. Obama helped destabilize Lybia, the destabilization of Syria has been an American agenda for at least a decade, but appears to have gone seriously awry - as have all these interventions  going back as far at least as Mossadegh's deposition as Prime Minister of Iran under dear old Ike, you remember Kermit something or other,  the Frog don't you?*   

3) For those not of Texas or of the Texas of the Mind, Obama may be easier on their ears and eyes - yet the difference in policies is minimal. Obamacare is a gift to the insurance companies as Bush's prescription drug law was a gift to big Pharma. What must have surprised a Republicantype president was that the nominal Republicans were so adverse to compromising with him on debt relief - Bush incurred debt of appr. 10 trillion, it is now 4 trillion more. And, God forbid that any part of the one trillion war budget be sequestered! Ah, the state of forever "national insecurity" that requires that apparatus! The Imperium has incurred so many enemies in the past 50 + years it means "forever war", forever pork for every porker in each and every congressional district!    
 Romney may be a worse choice, the only reason he seems to want the task is because  his dad failed  to attain the post. However. I don't see that the consensus of the lesser evil applies in this instance of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. 
Instead of either of these great evils let's have our French Revolution, a bloodless one that leaves each and every millionaire with a million for each member of their family. Sufficiente? No? Imagine what a "stimulus" such a redistribution of wealth would do to mononcle Eco-No-My! Imagine how sensible it is to give each of the sheeples enough wool so that they can be successfully sheared!

Find a good socialist candidate. Mine is Jerry White of the Socialist Equality Party - the Trotzkyites, at least their analyses are powerful!


[*Note that, starting this New Year, I will be awarding the "Ziggy" for the most successful destabilization. This prize of prizes is given just once every decade, nominations welcome!]

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