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Joining my cousins for a bath
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Monday, February 25, 2013




Dear Chris Hedges,
The year is 2013 I believe and I must confess

this is a pretty pathetic piece that you have delivered yourself of -a once again warmed up story about von Stauffenberg.

I happen to be the child of two conspirators who survived the siege of
Berlin in their respective Gestapo prisons in spring 1945

and later in life was sufficiently intrigued to look at the entirety
of the resistance to Hitler, and also how he came to power, and then
seized the dictatorship.

The initial and forever consistent resistance was on the part of the Communist party, who also held together best when imprisoned.

Here is the list, all you had to do was use Google!

Their attempt at Hitler's life in the FAMOUS Munich Buergerbraue Beer Cellar attempt only failed because it was foggy and Hitler took to train back to Berlin, instead of waiting for the fog to lift so as to take the plane. 

In 1938 the Swiss seminary student Maurice Bavaud had infiltrated the anniversary of the 1923 coup attempt during the Munich October marchby, but did not shoot because he was afraid he might also kill Goebbels and Himmler. The year is 1938.

I happened to have translated Rolf Hochhut's Bavaud bio for Little, Brown about
30 years ago. It was torture!

In 1938 CAnaris and the Abwehr, German counter intelligence, were ready to move the resistance within part of the German army goes back to 1934, as does my parents, for among immediate reasons  my grandfather's Werner von Alvensleben having been on the hitlist during the Night of the Long Knives.

In 1942 the Rote Kapelle was discovered, a big wave of executions.

I spent a lot of time the Institute for Zeitgeschichte [contemporary history]
in Munich researching for a biography of Oberst Grosskurt, Canaris's right hand
man, who however was captured at Staligrad and died as a Russian p.o.w.

The 20th of July assassination attempt at the Wolf's Lair occurred on the property
of my Uncle, Heini von Lehndorf, who meanwhile had become the courier for the
conspirators, and was promptly killed. I grew up with his kids, the most famous
of whom became Verouchka.

If your piece is meant to be analogous to the current situation, or perhaps
to the ongoing U.S. imperiliast semi-fascist way of being, I - who tends to regard the world thrugh the eyes of a romantic WW II conspirator ! - would say it misses the spot.
What would be needed would be the kind of general disaffection of the armed forces with the dictator. I see little of that here, rather the opposite, the forever
possibility of the seizure, not in Latin American fashion, but gradually of military
interests of the powers of government. Emergencies, emergency laws. As long as you and and Tom Englehardt can get on our soap boxes and proclaim the truth we do not posa threat to the powers that be.
Stay cool, stay dry!
Best Michael Roloff

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