Joining my cousins for a bath

Joining my cousins for a bath
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

turkey posting

That the turkey and the families may prove digestible!

There are several new postings at:

which I did not disseminate because it took so long to complete "Dem Handke auf die Schliche" most of which you can find online @:

An American version of one aspect of that book, " Sorting out the Handke/ Milosevic Connection" can be found [15 k, words,plus all important links which can be had in the "Apparat" of the German book] @:

Contact me if you wish either in PDF form. Handke's with his major splits as a great artist and aversions to the platitudinous, on further thought, makes for a most interesting study of relationship to the life of the polis; once you delve into those complications... The only matter that is predictable is the howling of the righteous humanity hyenas...

Thus, the more I do the farther behind I fall. Also a long interview that my wonderful German editor Lothar Struck conducted with me, re Handke, in German, can be found @:

I will only send links to the most important political pieces here:

There is [1] Dexter Filkins' extraordinary 10 k word portrait of my once man of at least the decade, Akmad Chalabi, who now has my vote to do Sidney Greenstreet in a remake of the "Maltese Falcon". Filkins observes "democratization" having rigidified ethnic and religious and tribal fluididites into the horrors of Western Political Party politics, thus fueling the insurgency! Just can't do right by them Arabs! The fellow who became President of the U.S.A. because of Florida then pulling the "democracy" intention out of an empty hat...

There is, the grimmest, [2] Sy Hersh on the possibilities of a take-out of Iran by the US, or with Israel as vanguard @:

Old CIA hand [3] Ray McGovern's lowdown on his former long-time colleague Robert Gates, the new sec-attack-dog who looks like a shoddy piece of work indeed:

The word is that the Iraqis are to blame for their own misfortune! Alas, so much for Carles Krauthammer once a psychiatrist's knowledge of history: right fools they were to trust Brits and the hideous hypocritical Frogs after WW I, etc. etc. Ah yes, and who can even dwell on the consequences of Eisenhower/ CIA's overthrow of Mossadegh; the worse our leaders become so do theirs. Or saintly Jimmer Carter and Brezinky's destablization of Afghanistan back in 1978. Senator McCain, by calling for that "one big push" with 20 K more troops in Bugdud proves that being badly tortured by the Vietnamese does not increase one's intelligence quotient. I myself can think of about 20 spots where I could use another division. Horvarth was right: "if there is anything that gives you a foretaste of eternity it is stupidity."

How to extricate the dog?... Can't be done... that dog is ****ed good! and koffee annan has come around to my long-held view.[On the question of the military presence, it is a difficult issue. The US is in a way trapped in Iraq, trapped in the sense that it cannot stay and it cannot leave," Annan told a press conference Tuesday. even hennery the k. has abandoned the sinking ship. barney, the Crawford kid's Scottie, can't be far behind!

But perhaps a true imperialist will step forth and attack Iran! Now that would be a real Hegemon, not the cowards' adventure in Iraq. And oh how the "Chrishtun" fundamentalist would cheer!

On the upside, Handke has written a textually wondrous new play SPUREN DER VERIRRTEN ["Traces of the Lost"], a kind of string quartet version of "The Hour We Didn't Know Each Other," but with a sprinkling of dialogue. Ah, to have one's senses sharpened, to have one's mind cleansed of the cant of mealymouthed reviewers and of journalese.

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