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Joining my cousins for a bath
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

re German intellectual support for the initiation of the conquest of Iraq

re: Kriegsbejaher, Hondrich, Enzensberger, Biermann, etc, a piece in the sueddeutsche zeitung of jan 15 asking these supporters what they thought now.

Jan 16
As the former translator of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, I can only say that I find his reasoning for supporting the conquest of Iraq deeply embarrassing. But perhaps he was only being his usual slightly perversely different. Wolf Biermann never had a mind, so what does one expect. However, Hondrich's reasoning that 9/11 required a violent response on the part of the "hegemon" against Iraq seems to be a throwback to the kind of Geo-Political thinking that disappeared with the Nazis. Evidently he is at least spiritually related to Donald Rumsfeld. With intellectuals such as these, who needs George W. Bush!

georgy konrad was the only one to admit that his and other east european support was to shallowly based on their memories of communist dictatoships... indeed! but in that old bad ass was far worse.

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